Tools by engraving artist Steve Lindsay - 45 year artist history
-- Made in USA --

BenchJewel Collet Adapter
Patent Pending

Allows the use of both the new short collets as well as the older long style collets.  Photo to the right illustrates the BenchJewel Graver with the adapter for a long collet and without the adapter for a short collet. 

Collets as well as adapter are made from stainless steel. 

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-- Note --

The AirGraver Classic handpiece (FC or PalmControl Classic) is available with a BenchJewel nose for holding the short and long collets shown on this page.  More about that on the AirGraver site

BenchJewel Graver
Can be used as a manual graver or with power.
With power the hand piece can be operated with idle or without idle.

Includes handpiece, tungsten piston, one pre-sharpened Carbalt,  two HSS graver blanks, wrenches, handpiece tubing, one collet adapter, one long collet, one short collet and screws.  The hand piece ships with the tungsten dead blow piston installed.  Order a stainless piston separately, if desired.  The BenchJewel gravers include Steve Lindsay's engraved impression on the body as illustrated for no extra charge. 

A Lindsay foot controller is required to operate the hand piece.  To order this graver alone it is required you have purchased a Lindsay controller previously.  To order both the handpiece and controller please see the option to the right that includes both. 

BenchJewel Graver $595Add To Cart

BenchJewel Graver with Controller Set

Includes BenchJewel Graver as described to the left and regulator setup for connecting to an air compressor. Patent pending two mode operation -- with idle and without idle. 

 BenchJewel Graver with Foot Control and Regulator set $844 Add To Cart

The BenchJewel Graver comes with a Tungsten deadblow piston installed. A stainless piston can be purchased separately now with your order or later if desired. Stainless piston  $125 Add To Cart

Please click this link for info about the foot control regulator setup and optional items for it.

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BenchJewel Collets and Adapter

Collets and adapters are made from stainless steel.

Two pack Long Collets
$27Add To Cart

Two pack Short Collets
$26Add To Cart

The adapter can be moved from one long collet to another long collet.
One adapter and one long collet.$31Add To Cart

Two pacak Hex Wrenches
$2.50Add To Cart

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AirGraver Foot Control Information
AirGraver Foot Control Information and options for Auxiliary port.

AirGraver regulator setup for connecting to an air compressor. Includes the patent pending two mode operation, with idle and without idle for controlling an AirGraver handpiece and braided hose for attaching to an air compressor.

Option items for the Auxiliary port.  Please click photos to the left for references.

Splitter for Auxiliary port. The splitter provides a second Aux. port. It can be installed it several ways:
1: Screw directly into the aux port.
2: Screw into the on/off toggle.
3: Screw directly into the aux port and then screw the on/off toggle into one of its ports. $16 Add To Cart

Optional on/off toggle switch for Auxiliary port. $40 Add To Cart


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BenchJewel™ Ring Holder

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Thanks to Wes Griffin for motivation for
the BenchJewel ring holder!

BenchJewel™ Ring Holder
(Out of stock - Order and we will ship when completed. 01/03/2020 Steve is on another batch)
$295Add To Cart

For Wes's ring engraving class students who received the early version of this holder, the spindle can be upgraded.  For this you will need to send in the holder you received from Wes.

Upgrade spindle for BenchJewel™ $100Add To Cart

Use the above button for the upgrade and during checkout you can select "check in the mail" for payment method and submit the order that way. Then you can send in the holder and payment for the new spindle. 

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Expanding Cosmos™ Ring Holder Pat. Pend.
A unique ring holder with multiple ways to secure a ring.  Ring sizes 3.5 to 13 with only one Cosmos™ collet.  In other words, many sized collets are not needed.

The photos below illustrate the Expanding Cosmos™ on in a Lindsay PalmControl® vise.  The holder can be used on other brands of vises as well.

Holding between centers
on vise pin plates

Reverse and use holder as
a traditional leather clamp or as
shown for inside ring

Use one of the Cosmos centers to secure a ring upright in a vise for access to the ring edge.

The Cosmos™ collet allows its independent pads to be moved if desired.  This is useful if you are - for example drilling through the ring and do not wish to drill into the collet.  Photo to left - The green arrows illustrate the pads moved by the user leaving an open gap between them.  More gap is possible in larger rings sizes than smaller ring sizes.  Click to enlarge photo.

Expanding Cosmos™ Ring Holder complete as illustrated above $129  add_to_cart.gif

This holder fits vise pin plates. See note below about vise pin plates holes and fitting. 

Single replacement Cosmos™ collet (For ring sizes 3.5 through 13)
Replacement collet if you are a previous customer of a Cosmos™ Ring Holder: $23 add_to_cart.gif
Replacement collet if you are NOT a previous customer of a Cosmos™ Ring Holder: $36  add_to_cart.gif
Custom Cosmos
™  collets can be made smaller or larger.  Contact us if you are in need. 

Brass Cosmos™ Collet

The Cosmos Ring holder ships standard with a plastic collet. This brass collet is also available. 


  Here is a Spin option for the Cosmos™  ring holder.
Add-on Spin option for Cosmos ring holder $33.50 add_to_cart.gif

Vise Adapter pins to adapt from newer 1/8" to older slightly larger nail sized pin plates.
4 pack adapter pins  


Information concerning Pin Plate hole sizes
This holder fits the pin plates on the Low Profile Turntable vise, Goliath and PalmControl® vises that use standard 1/8" diameter pins.  Let us know if the holder is to be used in the 90lb Titan vise, we will provide the correct pins for it.   Engraving vises from the past used a larger pin hole, around .140" but can vary from that quiet a bit.   Long ago this size was selected because it was a "nail size" (so that a nail could used for pins).  This was before precision dowel pins were readily available.  Engravers aren't using nails for pins anymore.  If you have a vise with larger than 1/8" pin plates and you'd like to use our holder in them we can custom make pins for our holder to fit your pin plate. It would be most accurate to send us the pin plates you'd like to use this holder with.  Cost is an additional fee of $20. For this, just order normally, and in the space provided for a note during checkout write that you'd like the holder to be custom fit to your pin plates.  Then ship your pin plates to us.   We will send them back along with the holder order. 

Another option in the photo to the left is we have ready to go adapter pins.  Steve picked a middle of the road size for older pin plates that use a nail sized hole and made these pins that size.  Since the older vises the nail sized pin plates can rang a size was picked that should fit a lot of the older vises.   For a custom fit we can custom make the pins as described in the above paragraph if needed.