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Video comparing the AirGraver® cutting action
to the spring/pulse type engraver handpieces
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This page covers the Lindsay® BenchJewel® AirGraver®.  
For help and to see all the available set options of other Lindsay's AirGraver visit:

Metal Handles Ship Standard

BenchJewel® Collet Adapter
Patent Pending

Allows the use of both the new short collets as well as the older long style collets.  Photo to the right illustrates the BenchJewel with the adapter for a long collet and without the adapter for a short collet. 

Collets as well as adapter are made from stainless steel. 

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Lindsay® BenchJewel® #ArtGraver

Can be used as a manual graver or with power. With power the hand piece can be operated with idle or without idle.

Includes handpiece, tungsten piston, one pre-sharpened Carbalt,  two HSS graver blanks, wrenches, handpiece tubing, one collet adapter, one long collet, one short collet and screws.  The hand piece ships with the tungsten dead blow piston installed.  Order a stainless piston separately, if desired.  The BenchJewel #ArtGraver includes Steve Lindsay's engraved impression on the body as illustrated for no extra charge. 

BenchJewel® #ArtGraver with Controller Set

Set includes Lindsay BenchJewel #ArtGraver as described to the left and regulator setup for connecting to an air compressor. Patent pending two mode operation -- with idle and without idle. 

BenchJewel #ArtGraver with Controller set - $1071 Add To Cart

The engraver handpiece comes with a Tungsten deadblow piston installed. A stainless piston can be purchased separately now with your order or later if desired.
Stainless Piston -
$125 Add To Cart

NOTE: AngleCollets fit this handpiece.

Information about the foot control regulator setup and
optional items for it.

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BenchJewel Collets and Adapter

Collets and adapters are made from stainless steel.

Two pack Long Collets
$27Add To Cart

Two pack Short Collets
$26Add To Cart

Adapter for Long Collets
Add To Cart

The adapter can be moved from one long collet to another long collet.
One adapter and one long collet.
  $31Add To Cart

Two pacak Hex Wrenches
$2.50Add To Cart

Additional Angle Collets at site:

AirGraver Foot Control Information
Lindsay AirGraver Foot Control Information and options for Auxiliary port.

Lindsay AirGraver regulator setup for connecting to an air compressor. Includes the patent pending two mode operation, with idle and without idle for controlling an AirGraver handpiece and braided hose for attaching to an air compressor.

Option items for the Auxiliary port.  Please click photos to the left for references.

Splitter for Auxiliary port. The splitter provides a second Aux. port. It can be installed it several ways:
1: Screw directly into the aux port.
2: Screw into the on/off toggle.
3: Screw directly into the aux port and then screw the on/off toggle into one of its ports.
$16 Add To Cart

Optional on/off toggle switch for Auxiliary port.
 Add To Cart

1/8" Hose barb $3.50
Add To Cart



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